April 26th, 1915
Mousetrap Farm
One Time,
One Place.

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Explanation of : Sky Over Mousetrap Farm. (Hover the cursor over the text to pause it)
by B.Grieves 2005

The ribbon of land between the adversaries in the Great War must be the most intensely observed landscape in human history.
For the soldiers involved the skyview which roofed their trenches must have been so important.
It is likely that many died gazing upward.
The sky being the last thing that they did see.

Laying on my back I took sequential photographs of the sky at Mousetrap farm.
I thought of it as a cupola of images and worked the movement as a cross, from horizon to horizon.
The square represents the dome of the sky.
Sky is not substantial.

The substance of the resulting photographs I subjected to some physicality.
I describe: